Militaria Belgium

Who are we?

We buy and sell military antiques from all time periods but the focus lies on the first and second world war. Our other interest are military books with high quality standards disscussing medals, uniforms, equipment, military units etc.


We are a small shop and financial profit is not our first conceren. Increasing our own collection is!


We get our items from auctions, other dealers, collectors, flea markets, family members of former soldiers...

We are often on the road to get those items and bring them to our shop. These items need to be authenticated, kept in stock, photographed, put online and eventually shipped.


We take great care to sell only authentic items - if there is any doubt we won’t sell them. As you will see the most of our items are not rare and well known by experienced collectors. That way we can sell items with fair prices and low risk to beginning collectors.


First steps collecting

The number of collectors has seen a rapid increase the last years due to popular movies, documentaries, the 100-year anniversary of WWI and maybe just more interest in history.


A starting collector should ask himself different questions, like:

  • what do I want to collect?
  • how do I know that an item is genuine?
  • what is my budget?

 If you have a question about militaria, please feel free to contact us at: